00100ENSEMBLE is a collective founded by four Helsinki-based professionals. The ensemble was brought together by a desire to create immersive works and worlds that we have not yet seen or experienced.

We believe that modern day audiences want and deserve new kind of experiences and formats. We produce and create our own shows, but also work closely with clients to plan and make shows/events to fit their needs and space. We are always looking for new partners to expand the world of experiences. 00100 ENSEMBLE brings together people and professionals from different fields to co-create new and exciting experiences and shows.

Immersive theatre is a way of creating and experiencing shows and productions. Already it has had numerous acclaimed and renowned productions internationally. Instead of typical seated audience the viewers are dropped in the middle of the show. Shows combining different artforms let audiences use all their senses in experiening new productions and stories. The audience member has the right to wonder, touch, move and explore in the world we have created. It is rarely possible for one person to see the whole show at one go, due to it usually happening simultaneously in multiple spaces of the venue. Instead of audience participation, the audience member is immersed as if they would step into the middle of a movie. There they have the power of choice to move freely, follow performers, touch the scenography and search for secrets of the immersive world.


Henna Tanskanen

Onni Hämäläinen

Pauliina Palo

Sanna Levo